a. Angus


California Roll

In: crab mix, cucumber, avocado

Spicy Tuna Roll

In: spicy tuna, cucumber

Albacore Crunch Roll

In: shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado, cream cheese
Out: albacore, spicy garlic ponzu, tempura crunch, radish sprouts, purple onion

Baked Salmon Roll

In: crab mix, cucumber, avocado
Out: salmon, mayonnaise, eel sauce

Green Roll

In: cucumber, avocado, asparagus
Out: avocado, Japanese vinaigrette

Japanese Lasagna

In: crab mix, cucumber, avocado
Out: cream cheese, mayonnaise, eel sauce

Lemon Salmon Roll

In: crab mix, cucumber, avocado
Out: salmon, thin lemon slice

Philadelphia Roll

In: salmon, cream cheese, cucumber, avocado

Shrimp Tempura Roll

In: shrimp tempura, crab mix, cucumber, avocado
Out: crunch, eel sauce

Tiger Roll

In: shrimp tempura, crab mix, cucumber, avocado
Out: spicy tuna, eel sauce, yum sauce


Chicken Karaage

Crispy, golden-brown bites of tender marinated chicken, served with a side of tangy dipping sauce for a Japanese twist on fried chicken.

Spicy Addicting Cucumber

Crisp cucumber slices infused with a tantalizing blend of spicy seasoning, offering a refreshing and addictive appetizer.

Garlic Shio Cabbage

Crisp cabbage sautéed with aromatic garlic and seasoned with a touch of savory salt, offering a flavorful and satisfying side dish.

Spicy Garlic Cabbage

Tender cabbage tossed with fiery garlic-infused seasoning, delivering a zesty kick to your taste buds in every bite.

Spicy Tuna Salad

Fresh tuna mixed with fiery spices and crisp vegetables, creating a tantalizing salad bursting with bold flavors.

Green Salad

Fresh, juicy tomatoes paired with crisp lettuce, drizzled with a light vinaigrette for a refreshing and flavorful salad.

Spicy Cold Tofu

Silken tofu served chilled and topped with a fiery blend of spices, offering a refreshing and zesty appetizer.

Seaweed Salad

A refreshing blend of tender seaweed marinated in a tangy sesame dressing, offering a light and flavorful appetizer.

Veggie Spring Roll

Crisp, fresh vegetables wrapped in delicate rice paper, served with a side of savory dipping sauce for a light and satisfying appetizer.


Steamed young soybeans sprinkled with sea salt, offering a satisfying and nutritious snack.

Fried Gyoza

Crispy, golden-brown dumplings filled with savory meat or vegetables, served with a side of dipping sauce for a delicious appetizer.

Shrimp Tempura

Succulent shrimp coated in a light and crispy batter, fried to golden perfection, served with a side of dipping sauce for a delightful appetizer or main dish.

Cream Cheese Wonton

Crispy, golden parcels filled with creamy cheese, offering a delightful blend of textures and flavors in every bite.


1 - One Order Per Person
Beef Belly

Flavorful cut from the underside of the cow, prized for its rich marbling and tender texture

Yaki Shabu Beef

Traditional Japanese tender, thinly sliced beef marinated with a medley of flavorful sauces.

Ribeye or NY Steak

Rich marbling, sourced from the rib section for exceptional flavor and tenderness.

Small Intestine

Unique flavors and textures, prepared to perfection while offering a bold culinary adventure.

Spicy Pork Belly

Seasoned with a tantalizing blend of spices for a fiery kick.

Garlic Pork Belly

Infused with aromatic garlic for a flavorful twist that elevates this classic dish to new heights.

Miso Pork Belly

Marinated in a rich miso sauce that infuses each bite with irresistible flavor.

Sweet Tare Jidori Chicken

Jidori chicken glazed in a luscious sweet tare sauce.

Spicy Jidori Chichen

Tender Jidori chicken infused with fiery spices, delivering a bold and exhilarating flavor experience.

Kurobuta Sausage

Crafted from the finest pork for rich, savory flavors.

Pork Toro

A premium cut known for its tender texture and exquisite flavor, offering a delectable indulgence for discerning palates.

Spicy Pork

Featuring tender slices of pork seasoned with a fiery blend of spices, delivering a tantalizing kick with each savory bite.

Garlic Shrimp

Shrimp sautéed to perfection with aromatic garlic, offering a delightful burst of flavor that elevates this seafood classic to new heights.

Surume Ika Squid

Expertly prepared to showcase its natural sweetness and freshness.

Sweet Miso Baby Octopus

Tender baby octopus marinated in a sweet miso sauce.

Garlic Asparagus

Fresh asparagus spears, sautéed to perfection with aromatic garlic

King Oyster Mushroom

The robust and meaty flavor of our King Oyster Mushrooms, offering a delightful vegetarian option packed with savory goodness.

Garlic Tofu Steak

Tender tofu infused with aromatic garlic, creating the perfect complement to your favorite meat dish.

Sweet Onion

Enjoy the crisp and refreshing taste of our sweet onion, offering a delightful addition to your BBQ with its mild yet flavorful profile.

Sweet Corn

Delight in the natural sweetness of our fresh corn, offering a delicious and satisfying addition.

Tamago Yaki

Treat yourself to our traditional Japanese omelette, delicately prepared with layers of seasoned egg for a delightful blend of sweet and savory flavors.


Enjoy the crisp and tender texture of our zucchini, lightly seasoned.


Sweet and tangy flavors, adding a burst of tropical goodness to your grill

BBQ Companions

Seaweed w/ Sushi Rice

Our savory seaweed paired with sushi rice is the perfect side dish to complement your favorite BBQ.

Wasabi Sushi Rice

Our aromatic wasabi-infused sushi rice is the perfect side dish to elevate your favorite BBQ.

White Rice
Spicy Crunch Garlic Ramen
Tonkotsu Ramen
Black Garlic Ramen
Miso Soup
Spicy Miso Soup


Cheese Fondue
Garlic with Butter
Sweet Corn Cheese
Sushi Ginger
Serrano Pepper
Radish Wrap
Seasoned Miso Paste
Seasoned Red Chili Paste
Sesame Oil w/ Sea Salt
*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.