The Meaning Behind ‘888’

By admin
May 6, 2024

Have you ever wondered about the significance behind the name “888” at 888 Japanese BBQ? Well, allow us to shed some light on the story behind this iconic number.

Back when our restaurant first opened its doors as 888 Korean BBQ, our flagship offering was a tantalizing trio of eight uniquely flavored pork belly dishes. These 3 sets of 8 flavors, symbolized by the number 888, quickly became the hallmark of our establishment, capturing the hearts and palates of our guests with its unparalleled variety and quality.

Much like Baskin-Robbins, whose iconic “31” logo represents their original 31 flavors of ice cream, our journey at 888 Japanese BBQ began with a focused selection that showcased the diversity and richness of Asian cuisine. However, just as Baskin-Robbins has expanded its repertoire to over a thousand flavors, our menu has evolved and flourished over the years.

Today, 888 Japanese BBQ offers an extensive array of over 100 dishes, ranging from sushi delights to unique appetizers such as Kobe beef carpaccio, salmon carpaccio, and snow crab. Our commitment to innovation has also led us to curate a selection of 30+ premium BBQ dishes, 20+ sushi, and an array of appetizers, soups, ramen, and side dishes. This assortment is destined to expand even further, promising endless culinary delights for our valued guests.

888 Japanese BBQ - All You Can Eat
888 Japanese BBQ – All You Can Eat

Come experience the magic of 888 Japanese BBQ, where the spirit of hospitality meets the art of Japanese cuisine, and every dish is an invitation to savor the extraordinary.